The cultural difference between Latin and Anglo-American
I like to share with your guys about two different cultures so we can understand the people better to cope with. I was invited the lectures for school Psychologist by Dr. Moreno[Ph. D] from Guadrahadra University, proffessor for Phillnthropologist more than 30 yrs ago. The language means cultures, Anglo-American vs Latin, as follows: American culture is practical, and ethical, where Latin is aesthetical, and moral he said. For example, we have birthday cake, decorated with flower on the top. American will make sure everybody got the exactly same portion of piece cake is the most important where Latin people put haveily on beauty, so make sure donot cut the middle of flower, but not equil the size of cake. Another word is make sure that no cut middle of flower, avoid if possible. I will tell another example, young American student was in Mexico for study, get up early in the morning take walk with shorts, guys passing by and give her smile, and she smiles back as usual in America, this means she is easy girl and guy will follow to hotel, trouble by misunderstanding. One old grand father sit on side walk, and selling a few oranges on basket, American student ask to grand father how much, and he said very chip price. American student say I will buy whole basket. Grand father reply, "are you crazy?" after I sell all oranges this early in the morning, what I am going to do all day?that I can not meet my friend to talk to everyday who come here to me. Latin people does not have strong desire about $$$ as American, They don't care how much money they make, they care more for human relationship in life. cont...more next time with more example.

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