American dream in 60's
I remeber a popular American dream in 60's, the times of hippies, Kennedy and Johnson, Apollo moon landings...

In future, it will become a privilege to have a job, for
selected minority, because capitalism and automation will
render most of the jobs unnecessary. The rest of majority
don't have to work, but will live comfortably, pursuing
whatever they want in life.

The opposite or worse things are happening every day now.
Just read "Student loans and cruching of American dream"
introduced by Han Baram. And 5th top news in;
young people are giving up jobs, marriage and children.

I also remember reading somewhere that the parents are lodging
jobless returning kids and soon will have to lodge their own
retired parents, i.e., 3 generations under one roof again.

What do you think happened? In only 50 years! Why?
Automation happened as predicted and will continue.
I suspect 21st centry capitalism is quite different from 50's
and 60's. What do you think?

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