Ba-ji-rak clam /bu-chu fries
Today, 3 Korean families are coming for digging clams and oysters in time for the low tide around noon, at a local beach nearby. Mr. and Mrs. Lee
are coming a little earlier to play ping pong with my wife and
myself as well, before getting dirty at the beach. Two other
Ladies are expected to join us later in time for the low tide
with their babies.
Well, Mr. and Mrs. Lee just arrived. Gotta go. Have a good day.
What a fun day we all had together, clamming, shucking plump
in-season oysters while eating them raw at the same time, on the shaded cool scenic beach. One mother with a baby said, "This is a heaven on earth."
Back at home, we all had a natural, healthy and delicious dinner
along with home-brew blackberry wine, as well as Ba-ji-rak/vegie-bo-ggeum etc. Mr. and Mrs. Lee are coming back tomorrow again. Mr. Lee is a very good ping pong player as well.
The highlight for me and the rest of us was when 4 years-old son and 10 months-old daghter were humming together on the couch without any
words(like the Humming Chorus in Madam Butterfly opera) in tune with each other spontaneously while adults were enjoying the feast.
I noticed it and told everyone eating at the table. We all laghed aloud. What a sweet innocent pair of babies enjoying
true intimacy.
Next day(Saturday).
Mr. and Mrs.Lee came back again. Dan called in for ping pong play. So, I had to go to the barn to play with Dan. Lee took
his wife and my wife to the same beach to let them dig clams and shuck oysters for 4 person limits, and he had to go to his motel repair supervision. When Dan left after playing with me an hour, Lee came back to take me to the beach to pick up our spouses, who were waiting for us at the parking area
after finishing the legal limits. He had to go back to his motel
again. Ron came to play and Lee came back again to join. Three of us played real sweaty fun games a few hours. Lee left with
his wife. Ron left. Another busy and fun day. Who said retirement was boring and full of aches?

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