Friendly neighborhood.
Jan was surprised to take a first look at our organic vegetable
garden in it's prime growth, after she and I played ping pong
yesterday. She hugged my wife at the garden, the first meeting
after her vacation trip to Europe about 2 weeks ago. "Oh, you
have yarrow here.", she said. "It looks like a yarrow to me too,
but it's called Dang-Gui in Korean. The seeds came from Korea, and their flowers, leaves, stems and roots are supposed to be
excellent herb for ladies' blood circulation. Here, chew this
leaf for a taste." I pulled a leaf and offered it to her.
"Wow! you have beautiful poppy flowers, too.", she said. "Yeh,
they grow and grow every year without reseeding.", I told her.

When she was ready to go home, my wife offered her as a gift a
bunch of garlick just harvested being cleaned and sorted, saying "These garlicks have been grown organic every year to last us a year long. These Korean garlicks are called Youk-Jong.
They are crunchier and sweeter than other kinds." "Why, thank you.", she said and left, later. she sent me an e-mail that evening; "So
happy to see you today. - It felt good to be in you company.
I truly had missed you both. Attached is my family's story about
the "Wood Bean". Hope you enjoy it.

This morning, Dan first and later Ron came to play pong pong as
usual. My wife joined later. Dan left first. While Ron and I were playing, my wife disappeared and came back with another
bunch of fresh garlicks, offering to Ron, saying,"These garlicks are for you in appreciation to your sea-weed(bull kelp)you collected for me the other day while your were fishing for salmon." Ron said, "Well, thank you."

This evening, Dan came back to us in his pickup truck with a cabover camper, to get ready to go salmon fishing and kelp collection with Ron and left his rigs in my backyard. To be cont'ed.

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