Who has more than faces to save?
Yeol-Dang seems frozen since a cold war started between two old writers here. Come on old timers! Beyond saving faces, there must be a lot of things in life we really care about!
Shining faces don't feed us, keep us healthy, make us happy, ....

Come on, Freedom Fighter, don't you have more hilarious stories?
Where are Stephen Oh, Go Bawoo, DKP, ... ?

It's our Yeol-Dang; its success and worth depend on all of us as
writers, actors, actresses, directors, music managers, costumes,...

Yeol-Dang has been very unique, quite different from other Korean and American sites - cosy, fun, instructive, a small community gathering place, to drop by, and exchange chats.

How have you been feeling about Yeol-Dang?

이곳에 게시된 글들은 에이전트 혹은 사용자가 자유롭게 올린 게시물입니다. 커뮤니티 내용을 확인하고 참여에 따른 법적, 경제적, 기타 문제의 책임은 본인에게 있습니다. 케이타운 1번가는 해당 컨텐츠에 대해 어떠한 의견이나 대표성을 가지지 않으며, 커뮤니티 서비스에 게재된 정보에 의해 입은 손해나 피해에 대하여 어떠한 책임도 지지 않습니다.

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