Chanterelle 버섯
Have you ever tasted chanterelle mushrooms? Here, in Northwest
US, they grow abundantly in the nearby forests every fall when
early showers start.

My wife and her parteners went to the hills the other day and came back with several bagfuls of them within a few hours of foraging, while I was erecting the firewood stacks under the roof away from the weather, to keep us warm during the comming
cold season using the fire stove, from late Sep to Apr.

She cooked the mushrooms in 전, 보끔, 찌개, with other bounties
from our vegetable garden like bell peppers, Korean garlic,..
Starting with a glass of blackberry wine, the dinner tasted
heavenly after a hard day's work, and ping pong, of course.

Question! Do you know how to preserve these succulent mushrooms
for long term to eat them throughout the year? We tried, but have not found the best way yet.

Dan who played ping pong with me yesterday told me that he played ping pong with another group in another town, 35 minute
drive away for 2.5 hours the day before yesterday after he had
played with me at my place for 1.5 hours - totaling 4 hours!
He is 72, played ping pong almost his entire life, an excellent

Well, welcome Zen Nirvana to the west. "Young man, go to the west!" as they say. A brand new life is yours to take. I'm glad
you seem to be keen to take on ping pong. A good start to get
your juices to run.

Have to run, to join Jan and my wife playing ping pong right now.
Dan and Ron later joined us, playing, joking, laughing, having fun and sweaty exercises. I recommend highly each of you doing the same with your local neighbors.

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