Economic recovery for 99%?
"Rich man's recovery" by Paul Krugman. NYTimes, Sep 12, 2013; , Sep 16, 2013.

"95% of gains from the economic recovery since 2009(Great Recession) have gone to the famous 1%. In fact, more than 60% of the gains went to the 0.1% people with annual incomes of more than $1.9 million a year."


So, the answer is only 5%!
Even that 5% is for those of 99% who are above the water. Unemploment is still 7.3%, not counting those who gave up seeking jobs, worse off than before 2009.
Something profound never seen before seems to have been going on
, not just here, but worldwide. One of them is effects of derivatives; financializaion of economy from services, in turn,
from manufacturing, in turn again from farming, starting from
hunting and foraging.


"The thinking that created the problem is not equipped to solve it." - Albert Einstein.
This was one quote used by a commenter in NYTimes, against potential nomination of Larry Summers for FRB chair, before
Summers quit the next day, blaming him as one of the bad actors
, who created these financial wild fires. Whose thinking will
stop it?

------------- Sep 17, 2013 <백두현 기자>
"...그동안 손실 비용은 가구당 $120,000. 25세 이하 실업율은 현재 15.6%."

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