Who am I?
I'm not red. I'm not blue. I'm not white, either.

Yesterday, we were playing ping pong as usual with Dan, Ron and
my wife. I told Dan and Ron, both white, what my wife told me on
my question, "Am I Korean? Or American?". Her answer was, "You are 30% Korean, 30% American and 40% beau kim".
Both of them yelled,"Wow! Bravo! Great!" And we all laughed

Our retired life revolves around mostly on organic gardening,
better cooking, reading/learing and almost daily and sweaty
ping pong games. Vegetables and fruits we harvest make us mostly
independent from supermarkets except obvious exceptions like meat, spices etc. Korean and napa cabbages, and Korean radishes
still grow in mid-November. Giant green onions grow even in icy

"Here and now" means, in short for me, the above snapshot of our
senior retired life.
We had a bumper crop of Korean "sweet pumpkins" with dark skins,
this year. My wife made yummy pumpkin pies and gave one to Jan
when she came to play ping pong today. Boy, was she happy! Drooling saliva even while playing ping pong. Yesterday, my wife
gave Dan and Ron the same pies. But it took about 1 full hour for Dan to coax, cajole my wife into relenting to be generous in giving, all the while playing ping pong. The most laughing
ping pong day in almost 2 years with them!

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