I will not quit !
Good morning everyone!. I am learning the things that I never dreamed of, never imagin. I want your guys know that all I wanted to promote the better relationship in this site, but went the other direction. First thing come to my mind was quit here, but I am not quit something I start with good intention, until I see the result, therefor I will stay and complete the story of my grand father, and see the better relationship among us. I believe this is possible!. there are too many good hearted guys in here to help others to elevate their life, self motivation, better thinking to be happiness, by writing here, also there are many people knowledgable , highly educated intellegence silently encourage this site, and tolerate our behavior without voiced negatively here. Some said here that " The truth will win".I believe it! Someone tried to warn me so I donot get hurt, but I did not understand , but now I do. Thanks!

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