Omega-3 oils of fish and seeds
Alpha-lipoic acid(ALA), short chain omega-3 oil, in flax seeds
and other seeds have potential to be made into their long-chain
relatives;eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA) and docosahexsaenoic acid
(DHA) in omega-3 fish oil. But its biosynthesis is incredibly long and difficult; 30 gm of ALA is needed to make 1 gm of EPA
and 0.1 gm of DHA. In short, seed omega-3 oils are not the same as omega-3 fish oils; they do not come with EPA and DHA.

All of our brain neuron-cells(100 billions in a brain), nerve
myelin coatings of axons and synapses, and eye retinas are made
of DHA. All of our blood vessels' inner walls are made of EPA.
That's why they are called essential fish oils; our body dosn't
synthesize them. Algae make them. Fish eat them in food chain.
We have to eat fish or get it in capsules. That's how man has
his brain size about 3 times bigger than other animals, brain/
body size ratio considered. Let's thank algae and fish, all
nature in fact.


International Fish Oil Standard(IFOS), Uviversity of Guelph,
1. mercury, less than 10 ppb
2. total pcb, less than 45 ppb
3. toal dioxins, less than 1 ppt
4. total oxydation, less than 13 meq/L


If the myelin sheaths are destroyed by auto-immune disease,
MS(multiple sclerosis) results, and 70 mv electricity gets
shorted, just like any elecric wire can get shorted without
electric coating. And because of these myelin coatings on our
nerve fibers all over the body, our nerve signals can travel
at 200 meters per second speed, with which I am writing to you,
thanks to omega-3 fish oil in part.

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