The Ge sse gi dl,
I believe the peace within, see things good only for my own happiness, but I cannot find any goods in Japs mind set. Everytime, when I think of our queen who was killed by the Japs, who had vision of several hundreds years ahead of our country welfare, make me feeling of vomit, but tell myself it is only history and new generation is not guilt of that episodes.I am wrong about Jap, their origin is no different from the dog, never repent what they did, instead brag about it and loudly say in news paper, our current president is same with the queen they killed. Kim Mu Sung, who has rock head, said " it is wrong thing to say" that is all he can say?. There is nobody who is material to be president in Korea now. We need someone who can close up the office of that news paper co. The meaning of freedom is not the open the mouth without boundry, to conspire the leader of the one country, indirectly treatening assignation and get away with. Be aware of Japs intentions and the attitute toward our country. Rember how they end our Yi's dynasty.I believe if we had the father President Park Jung Hi, those animals could not say things. I miss him very much. Some one mention in comments that Japan will despair on the surface of this earth by earthquik about 2045. I had some degree of pleasure when I saw that. You will harvest what you plant.

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