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제목이마트 미국법인 수입통관 (Import/Logistics Coordinator) 식품영업(Sales) 인사총무 (HR/Admin) 경력직 채용

회사명 E-Mart America, Inc
업종 사무직
연락처 562-677-7100

이마트는 대한민국 생활 트렌드 선도기업인 신세계 그룹을 중심으로 성장하는 대한민국 대표 유통기업입니다.
이마트 미국법인에서 열정 가득한 사원을 채용하고 있사오니, 자세한 직무 및 지원자격은 아래내용을 확인하시어 많은 지원 바랍니다.

E-mart America
Job Title: [Import/Logistics Coordinator]
Job Type: Full-time

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
- Responsible for the planning and execution of international shipment
- Work with sales team to comply with all customer labeling and shipping requirements
- Work with oversea shippers, freight forwarders and custom brokers to ensure proper customs documentation is processed
- Maintain and update knowledge on all custom clearance processes and evaluate all self-study courses
- Tracking, tracing and updating the status of shipments on the daily basis
- Obtain rate quote from Carriers / Truckers upon inquiries from overseas offices

Job Duties/Responsibilities include:
- Analysis importable food products based on ingredient and color list and confirm the list of importable food product for exporter
- Identify whether other government agency requirements are applicable to food product import
- Handling import logistic paper work and process required documentation for compliance and custom clearance
- Comply with all applicable regulation of customs and other government agencies and follow the policies and procedure for customs clearance
- Update HTS Code and duty rate
- Researches FDA guidelines and USDA regulations for import product requirements
- Apply and manage FDA Facility Registration, FCE, SID, USDA Import Permit, USDA PPQ

Job Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree, ideally in Logistics, Inventory Control, Operations or related
- 1-2 years working experience as an import/logistics coordinator
- Must have experience working in food/beverage manufacturing or Consumer Packaged Goods industry
- Must be attention- to- detail and work under supervision
- Must be able to handle various tasks under given deadline

Key Skills:
- Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
- Bilingual (fluent both in Korean and English preferred)
- Food related background is preferred
- Logistics experience is preferred
- Familiar with import documentation and US Custom regulation is preferred

Emart America
Job Title: [Sales Assistant Manager]
Job Type: Full-time

Job Duties/Responsibilities include:
- Gain market knowledge and awareness of procedures, new technologies, and techniques to develop a strong personal sales approach.
- Maintain awareness/compile and communicate competitive information on equipment and devices preferred by the marketplace.
- Focus on sales growth in areas of profitable growth and customer satisfaction.
- Responsible for assuring that all appropriate information on quality, delivery, and technical requests is relayed to the customers.
- Researches and responds to delivery, quality, and document issues as required to maintain high customer rating.
- Must demonstrate daily skills in the following areas: problem-solving, time management, organization, effective communication, and multi-tasking.
- Builds and maintains customer relationships and develops strong understanding of programs, demand, and opportunities.
- Provides appropriate level of communication to management and field sales regarding growth opportunities and areas of improvement with respective accounts.
- Establishes new accounts within business qualification criteria.


- Bachelor`s degree preferred
- 2-3 years of related sales experience preferred in food industry.
- Must have experience of developing new business in grocery mainstream markets.
- Experiences calling on chain accounts, brokers, and distributors are preferred.
- Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, including persuasive and expositive skills and the ability to multitask and portray aggressive demeanor.
- Ability to effectively make formal and informal product presentations to individuals as well as large groups, including executives
- The candidate must be able to apply mathematical concepts to compute rates, discounts, percentages, and draw and interpret bar graphs.

Emart America
Job Title: [HR/Admin Assistant Manager]
Job Type: Full-time

Job Requirements:

- Bachelor’s degree Required
- Must have 2 or more years of experience in Human Resource & Office Administration
- Management, organizational and Communication Skills to work efficiently
- Ability to handle multiple tasks and thorough knowledge of labor laws

Key Skills:
- Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook
- Bilingual (fluent both in Korean and English language required)

Job Duties/Responsibilities include:
- Organize and maintain personnel records like vacation, sick, and personal time for employees
- Maintain timecard records and provide payroll information
- Updating company policies and ensure legal compliance and regulations
- Manage company insurance and renew every year
- Support HR manager by Job posting, screening resumes, and schedule interviews for applicants
- Generate and administer documents based on given frameworks and participation guidelines
- Communicate effectively both verbally and in written form with employees to explain and resolve queries and concerns. This could be via email, phone and chat/instant messaging
- Planning for corporate events, computer setting, security system, monthly supplies, and property management, schedule and prepare company meetings.
- General Management of Vendor liaison actions, contract management, client reception, and etc.

Our Benefits:

- Medical Insurance
- Dental Insurance
- Vision Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Paid Sick Day & Vacation
- 401(k) Employee Retirement Plan

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

- Remote interview process

- Personal protective equipment provided or required

- Plastic shield at work stations

- Temperature screenings

- Social distancing guidelines in place

- Virtual meetings

- Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

** Please submit your resume to p90kp0@shinsegae.com

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A. (1) UNEMPLOYMENT PAY는 언제부터 받는지요? 신청하신 정보를 edd쪽에서 모두 확인하고 이상이 없음이 확인되면 certify for benefitㄴ을 하라는 노티스가 옵니다. 그럼 certify를 하고 2-3주 정도 기다리면 BOA edd 카드로 돈이 들어옵니다. BOA edd카드도 기다리면 우편으로 받으실 수 있고요. (2) Certification 은 무엇인지 설명 부탁드립니다. benefit certify는 매주 본인이 직장을 구하고 있다는 것을 보여주고, 현재 본인의 상황을 파악하기 위해 edd 에서 매주 확인을 하는 겁니다. 2주에 한번씩 하면 되고, 아마 certify해야 할 즈음에 이멜로 연락이 올겁니다. certify를 해야 그 주간의 pay가 지급됩니다.