My wife and I had Galbi-Tang dinner tonight.
Ingredients; meat separated from boiled beef ribs.
soup from boiled Sa-gol, ie.,beef leg bones with marrows.
Korean radish, giant green onion, Korean garlic, all fresh from our organic
And Tang-Soo-Yook
Ingredients; pork, peach, apple, carrot, onion, green onion and pine mushroom(hand-picked
near Mt. Rainier).
With home made Kim-chi with Korean cabbages, etc. from our garden.
And, of course, home-brew blackberry wine(every night, last 12 years).

Also, I played ping pong with Dan about 1 hour.

CNN reports, tonight, that Boston alone is expected to suffer 10 times more deaths this winter than last by flu with more strains of viruses. And I have not had a cold or flu more than 20 years now- or any other sickness.

And I thank my wife for most of the above.

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