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 Saying hello from KICPC-!
 Today what I am going to tell is about Maltese Apostille!

Have you heard about Malta?
 Malta is one of the most beautiful places in the world, located in the very south part of the Italy.
 This gorgeous island country is renowned for its own breath-taking scenearies-!

 Malta is also a member of the “Hague Apostille convention”.
 Among members of this convention, they go through a simplified version of procedures when it comes to authenticating documents form public authorities for universal recognition, so called “Apostille”.
 Thus when you want to use documents
 like birth • marriage • death • divorce certificate, background checks, copy of passport and etc from Malta to other member countries, or from other member countries from the convention to Malta, all you need to do is getting Apostille! 

But remember!
 The documents from Malta can only get Apostille certification in Malta either!
 If you are outside of the Malta in some reasons you cannot but request agencies !
 Here we are! KICPC is here for you!
 Feel free to contact us if you are struggling with documents needed to be Apostille certified.
 If you want more information or need some counsel,
 don’t hesitate to contact us !


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