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Morocco Festivals


Throughout Morocco, there are seasonal morocco festivals that celebrate local events. The Moroccan National Tourist Office has begun capitalizing on these, witch in some cases has meant that they have lost thier local flavor, but has also insured that there are better facilities for those visiting.

Those that take place with fair regularity and that are very much worth a visit are as follows:

Almond Blossom Festival, Tafraout, February ( near Agadir )

This festival in the south of Morocco is a pleasant diversion of the swarming beaches of agadir, lined with europeans in search of a winter tan.

Honey Festival, Immouzer, May ( near agadir )

This remote village hosts an anusual collection of local-desighn beehives, made from split reed cylinders and clay. A little off the beaten path, but a must-sse for beekeepers.

Festivalof Roses, El Kelaa des M'gouna, May (near Ourzazate)

The festival takes place around the time the cultivated Centifolia roses, used in the production of rosewater and perfumes, are harvested. A true feast for the senses.

Cherry Festival, Sefrou, June ( south of Fes )

Cherry trees in blossom provide the backdrop for the usual sorts of Moroccan merry-making: a fantasia, sporting competitions, and lots of good food.

National Folklore Festival, Marrakech, June

This is now actually a transnational folklore festival, with musicians from across the arab world and beyond. All the usual suspects accompany the crowds: folk singing and dancing, community events. crafts, costumes, jewelry, and of course, food.

National Sacred Music Festival, Fes, June

This festival attracts performers of sacred music from around the world, performed in mostly ancient venues.

Marriage Festival, Imilchil, September ( Near Midelt )

This colorful festival, featured in National Geographic and other outlets, is about to become a victim of its own success Not so easy to get to, but worth to trek.

Date Festival, Erfoud, October ( south desert )

A million date palms supply the subject of this festival in the south of Morocco. An opportunity to sample more kinds of dates than you know existed.

Horse Festival, Tissa, October ( near fes )

Hundreds of horses mounted by riders in traditional grab compete in fantasias and other events. This is the one to hit if you miss the similar fantasia festival in Meknes in September.

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