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자기 것이 얼마나 가치있는 가를 알아야


Ron Wayne은 Apple Computer의 창업자 중의 한 명이었다. Attari Computer의 매뉴얼을 작성하다가 애풀의 처음 컴퓨타의 

설명서를 만들면서 Jobs와 Wozniak 회사의 10%의 주식을 받았다. 그리고 Apple의 Logo도 창안했단다.

얼마 후에 설명서를 만드는 일에 실증이 나서 받은 주식을 1980년 초에 $800불에 팔아서 금 한덩이를 샀다.  지금까지 지니고 

있었으면 오늘의 시세로 $1,760의 가치가 있다. 요즘도 돈만 생기면 그 것을 사들이고 있다고...

그러나 그의 지분인 10%는 몇 빌리온의 가치가 있다. 이 양반이 지금 80세에 이르는데, 처음 시판한 'Apple l'을 누가 어제 경매에서 약 35만불을 챙겼다는 기사가 소개되었다.

그는 현재 연방정부의 노인복지금, 소위 Social Security로 살고 있는데, 기자가 이런 엄청난(?) 손해를 이제 아쉽게 생각하는가고 

물었더니, 조금도 후회하지 않는다고 답변했다. 그러면서 하는 말이,

나는 아마도 공동묘지에서 가장 부자인 사람으로 기록될 것이다. I probably would have wound up the richest man 

in the cemetery. 라는 말을 덛붙였다.

후회가 않된다는 말은 믿어지지가 않으나, 설혹 잘못 판단했다고 한들 이제 와서 다시 되돌이킬 수는 없지 않은가? 그의 철학은 

"자기 일생을 사무실에 처밖혀 Manual (제품설명서)나 쓰는 삶을 살고 싶은 생각은 추호도 없었기 때문이라고... 자기는 나름대로의 철학이 있었단다. 솔직하게 말해서 주식투자에 관한 상식이 전혀 없었다고 말하는 것이 좀더 설득력이 있지 않을까? <사람들은  

자기가 뭐를 하고 있는지 모른다.> They don't know what they are doing.

禪涅槃 의역


Bloomberg By Mark Milian

2014-12-12 12:13:55

In 1976, Apple co-founder Ron Wayne sold his 10 percent stake in the company for $800 and said he has no regrets. Before auctioning off some early Apple artifacts today, he told Bloomberg TV that the first purchase he'll make with his proceeds winnings is gold.

"Security for the future," Wayne said yesterday. "My savings have been in gold for the last 40 years."

Let's take a look at how gold has performed against Apple's stock since the company went public.

If Wayne put his $800 into a handful of gold bars in 1980 when Apple Computer went public, they'd be worth about $1,750. If he'd held onto his Apple stock, he'd have billions of dollars today. As investment strategies go, don't expect to see this one in the gold bug hall of fame.

Wayne met Steve Jobs when they'd worked together at Atari. Wayne compiled instruction booklets for the game system and got along well with Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who was about half his age. The pair brought Wayne into their computer project to help incorporate it and serve as adult supervision. He designed the Apple-1's documentation and drew the first company logo, depicting Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath an apple tree.

At 80, Wayne is now retired and lives off of his Social Security checks. He told Emily Chang in the Bloomberg TV interview that he's never regretted his decision to leave. Jobs and Wozniak were "a whirlwind," and Wayne, who was interested in creating new products, dreaded spending his life writing computer manuals.

"If I had stayed with Apple, I probably would have wound up the richest man in the cemetery," Wayne said. "As a product-development engineer, I couldn't see myself spending the next 20 years in a large backroom 

shuffling papers. I had my own passions."

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