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How to find a job in South Korea?


How to find a job in South Korea?

These days many foreigners are looking for a job in South Korea.

The reason many foreigners prefer to work in South Korea is because of its culture, called as K-culture, and various of delicious foods, tourist spots. Also, person can experience Asian culture at the center of Asia!

Now, do you have interest about working in South Korea? Here, we will explain how to find a job in South Korea!!

  1. 1. Linkedin

I think already many people know about Linkedin. Linkedin is one of the biggest business social network service. Many major companies in South Korea use Linkedin to seek for a people not only in Korea but worldwide. It will be good chance for you to be work in SouthKorea if you upload your profile on Linkedin!!

  1. 2. Indeed

Indeed is search engine that searches numerous job information posted on corporate job boards and job information sites at once. It’s international platform just like Linkedin, so foreigners can also easily search for a right job.

  1. 3. JOBKOREA

It is one of the most popular websites used by job seekers in Korea. This is a good opportunity for you because most of the recruitment companies are Korean companies, unlike linkedin and indeed, you can experience ‘real’ local Korean company culture. 

  1. 4. saramin

It’s also one of the popular recruitment websites in Korea. Saramin is almost as same as JOBKOREA. Most companies on the website is local Korean companies. Website is well categorized so you can find a job that well fits to you.


After success at finding a job, then what do you have to do the next?

You need to prepare required documents to submit at company. Although the required documents vary from company to company but most of companies ask for employees to submit criminal record certificate and certificate of graduation, transcript of records. Not only this but you should also get Apostille to your documents so that it legally accepted at your company.

Don’t you have time for issuing documents and getting Apostille? You don’t need to worry!! KICPC will solve the problems for you!! We provides various services such as issuing the civil documents(e.g. family relation certificate), getting Apostille, notarization and even translation! Finish all process for your documents to submit at your Korean company through KICPC!! More inquiries? Visit or send e-mail to!

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