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Apostille In New Zealand


New Zealand

Have you ever heard of Queenstown?

If you are looking for an adventure with jet boat rides, skiing, river rafting, hiking, biking, or bungy jumping, this is where you should start. This is a place where you can get all those exciting experience and relaxation of a spa

treatments and wine-tasting at its best.

Now, were you employed or have you studied in NZ?

If so, you probably have documents such as transcripts, graduation certificate, or career certificate, etc.

Please keep in mind that these documents are valid ONLY in New Zealand.

Want to know how to get it validated for your country?


Apostille is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. In general, after the 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' and 'Embassy Certification,' the reliability of the national document is verified, but there is an inconvenience in terms of time and cost. To resolve this inconvenience, without consular legalization through overseas consulates among the member countries, apostille has appeared, which recognizes documents with apostille as legalized documents.

In summary, documents are only valid where it was issued. For it to be valid elsewhere, documents must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is an apostille.

The following are the procedures for getting your documents ready.

First, you need notarization and apostille.

The next is translation.

You must translate your documents into your native language.

If you skip this stage, your documents will not be accepted.

Then, the notarization of translation is needed.

It must be processed by a notary lawyer.

Lastly, you get it certified by the embassy.

Having trouble understand?

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