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Apostille in Ireland


In Ireland


Apostille is a certificate issued by « the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade »  verifying the genuineness of the signature or seal of a public officer on a public document.

An Apostille may be required if you wish to use an Irish document outside Ireland.

Note that Apostille only affects public documents issued by a country which has acceded to the Hague Convention and presented by another country which has also acceded to the Convention.

✔ For use in a country which has not acceded to the Convention, a document may need to be legalized. Legalization is a little more complicated.

In Ireland, an Apostille cannot be carried out by Diplomatic or Consular offices abroad but can only be applied to a document by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Most of Apostille concern the following documents:

Administrative certificates and extract from civil status records (e.g. birth, death, marriage certificates)

Educational certificates and qualifications

Court documents, powers of attorney and other notarial acts




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