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Apostille in Hong Kong


What is an Apostille?

The term ‘Apostille’ refers to The Hague Apostille Convention, an international treaty signed by 120 countries. This treaty establishes the Apostille process, which certifies the authenticity of documents produced in one country so that they will be officially recognized in other countries. Since Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have signed the treaty, an official Hong Kong document is automatically recognized in, for example, South Korea if it contains an Apostille.


So, if you have been told you need to apostille your documents, what do you need for an Apostille?

Apostille in Hong Kong SAR involves following steps:

1. To submit the application, you should bring along the document requested for apostille service to the Apostille Service Office

  Documents accepted for an Apostille

Public documents signed by an authorized Hong Kong Government officer (e.g. marriage, birth and death certificates, certificates of incorporation) and documents signed by a notary public in Hong Kong (e.g. power of attorney, certified true copy)

2. If the document is accepted for apostille service, you then would have to pay the fee at the High Court Accounts Office.

3. On returning to the Apostille Service Office the payment receipt would be issued for collecting the document submitted.


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